A Student Says "Thank You!"


Shortly before she graduated from Shree Ram School, Samira Blon, a senior, gave a speech in english to express her and the school's appreciation for the changes HealthCare Nepal and Children's Aid Centre had helped bring about.  We pass on their gratitude to all those who have so generously supported our efforts at the school, and to encourage others to help continue this important work through your charitable gifts.  Thank you!


14 January 2012

"First of all, I would like to thank the organizing committee that has provided me a golden opportunity to speak a few words in this program.

I, on behalf of all the students studying in this school, am grateful to the members of HealthCare Nepal and Children's Aid Centre who have been working continually to uplift the educational as well as physical status of the school for the last few years.  I think we are lucky because we have as many facilities as the students in the capital and other towns, although we live in the countryside.  Our teachers use markers and whiteboards in the classroom.  We senior students sit in desks instead of on benches while learning, 
which we cannot find in other schools in this area.  We have computers, the internet, and a library today which are the achievement of the continuous help of HCN and CAC.  The newly built building and toilets are the burning example of their kind help.  We have also gotten scholarships to allow us to keep studying which I think surely helps the needy and diligent students.

I would like to thank once again all the members of HealthCare Nepal and Children's Aid Centre and hope they will continue to help the school in the future.

Thank you.  Namaskar."

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