Thank you!

THANK YOU to all who contributed to HealthCare Nepal’s Earthquake Relief Fund. Your generosity brought optimism and strength to our friends and colleagues there. We asked local people what they needed and worked closely with our Nepali partners to fulfill those needs. 

Some accomplishments, all made possible by your generous donations. Thank you!

— Within hours of the April 25th earthquake, our colleagues in Kathmandu set up an emergency shelter to provide meals and protection to families whose homes in the city had been destroyed.

— In the rural village of Koshidekha, an earthquake-resistant school building and underground water tank we built in 2010 provided shelter and water to villagers in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake.

— As soon as roads opened we provided food, medicines, tarps, and other supplies to 650 families in four villages.

— We delivered school supplies and toiletries to 1,000 children in rural schools. Many lost everything in the April 25th and May 12th earthquakes. 

—We are supporting eight schools with materials and construction support for repairs and rebuilding. There are more to come.

— We’ve joined with residents of three villages to build “long-term temporary” housing for families while they rebuild their homes. One village is a five-day walk from the nearest road.

Although the earthquakes were in the spring of 2015, the need for shelter, schools, and medical care continues. We are there for the long haul and ask for your continuing support of relief efforts through our all-volunteer teams in Nepal. No overhead. Just life-sustaining and life-rebuilding help. Thank you.  

Jack Starmer

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