Damage at Shree Ram School, Koshidekha

In 2010, HealthCare Nepal built a classroom building at Shree Ram School that was engineered to be earthquake resistant, and in 2013 two Swiss foundations did the same with a second building.  Both buildings survived the April 25th and May 12th earthquakes intact and provided shelter and water for villagers whose homes were destroyed.  Now we are turning to repairs or rebuilding of school buildings that did not fare so well.

IMG 2459.jpg

This building houses grades 3, 4, and 5 and may need to be rebuilt.  The rainwater collection system was installed by HCN in 2012 when we built 12 toilets for the school.

IMG 2460.jpg

Damage to the exterior of the 4th grade classroom...

IMG 2462.jpg

…and cracks in the interior wall.

IMG 2456.jpg

L-R: Dr. Shekhar Babu Rizyal and engineer Binod Aryal inspecting
for structural integrity with assistance from Kumar Bhatterai.

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