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HealthCare Nepal (HCN) is in its 21st year of promoting better health and education in one of the world's poorest nations. The seeds of this work were planted in 1994 when I traveled to Nepal to measure the movement of a glacier on Mt. Everest. At the time I worked in medical education in the USA and while in Nepal met with doctors about their country's needs. I and others saw an opportunity to help and three years later HealthCare Nepal was founded.

Since then, we have become partners and friends with incredibly talented and dedicated doctors, village leaders, social workers, teachers, and others. Our approach is to ask, "What do you need?  How can we help?" and then use our resources -- time, talent, and financial contributions -- to help them accomplish their goals. We take their lead to determine priorities and how to get things done.

In looking through this web site, you'll meet many of our Nepali colleagues as well as generous and compassionate friends from the USA who have made it possible for us to accomplish so much. We are grateful to all for their guidance, dedication, hard work, generosity, and good humor. None of this could have happened without them.

Jack Starmer, Director

Dr. Deepak Mahara in CEO Magazine. Read about one of HealthCare Nepal’s closest partners in a profile of his crisis management after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed nearly 9,000 in 2015. Dr. Mahara was Director of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) in Kathmandu, the only hospital in the region to remain operable. In the first 20 days after the earthquake, TUTH treated over 1,700 victims and performed 478 major surgeries. HCN is mentioned in the final paragraph. In 2002, we brought Dr. Mahara to Boston for advanced training in orthopedic surgery at New England Baptist Hospital.

National Public Radio’s Car Talk and HCN. An example of "Automotive Cardiology in the Field" as practiced by Dr. Subarna Acharya, another of HCN's close friends and collaborators. In 2001, we hosted him in the USA for advanced training in cardiology.

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